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Is Wexer Count limited to studios only?
No, Wexer Count can be used everywhere in a club. 
Is there a limit to how many kits a client can have?
Yes, for now, a client is limited to one kit per Wexer system.
Do we recommend install partners for Wexer Count?
No, since the installation is so easy and straight forward, anybody should be able to install it. An install guide will be enclosed with every shipment, and we'll soon provide a .pdf online
What is the install cost of Wexer Count?
As mentioned above, everybody should be able to complete the install, so we will not list an install cost.
What are the measurements if the Wexer Count?
Sensors:67x67x25mm - Receiver: 90x66x28mm
Can the data be exported to other formats, like Google Sheets?
Not for now, but we will keep developing the feature. Keep the requests coming, and we'll put them into development sprints
I have a question not listed here!
Read, not just skim, the product sheet! And don't share it, it's for internal use. If you cannot find your answer, ask us in the Slack #tech channel.
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