[External] Getting the Wexer Player Online (offline guide)


An active Internet connection to the Wexer Player is very important, since many vital functions operate via the Internet. To name a few:

  • License check - Every day the player checks with our servers that it has a valid license to operate. 14 consecutive days without contact to our servers will render the system inactive.
  • Schedule changes - Several times a day the system checks for changes to the schedule, but if it cannot reach the server, the system cannot download the schedule changes you've made. 
  • New content - The system will automatically make sure that you have the newest content available once it is released, but only if the system is online.
  • Technical support - When your system is online, it's easy for us to provide fast and reliable support


Steps to complete

  • Please make sure that your system is powered on. If it is already so, please power cycle the player. See animation below 

  • If a power cycle did not resolve the issue, please make sure that the Internet cable is fully inserted into LAN1 and that the two status LED's on each side of the port are blinking. See animation below

  • If the issue persists, please check if you've recently had any network related work done in your club. If so, please contact your Internet Service Provider and ask them if any specific settings are needed for the network to function properly.
  • If your network has another level of administration, please reach out to your local IT help desk and ask them for assistance. 


To download a pdf version of this guide, please go to this page


Basic Player animations below

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